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Ethnic Clothes Category.

Amici del pianeta contributes to the protection of the environment,
allocating part of its proceeds to the WWF

Categorie in evidenza


Our costume jewelry is limited edition, for refined and sophisticated women who love to wear something unique and exclusive. A meticulous research is carried out to always use natural materials for our compositions in line with the style of the Francesca Lucignano brand.


Clothes created with 100% natural materials and colors to be sure to dress children with hypoallergenic, soft and fresh fabrics in contact with the skin.

Spring / Summer

Our comfortable tailored models made in Italy are all created with 100% natural materials and colors to give our customers the security of a hypoallergenic garment, fresh and soft to the touch.


Cheerful tailored garments strictly made in Italy, for women who love to spend the winter season with comfortable garments that retain elegance in the wearer.

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